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What experience do you have?

We have 10+ years of experience with trees & equipment. We pride ourselves in staying current with all the tree laws, OSHA regulations & safety equipment on-site.

What sets you apart from other local tree companies?

We are fast. We are efficient. We are safe.  Our clean-up is out of this world!


Midwest Tree is determined to leave the customer 100% satisfied.

Do you charge per hour or by the job?

We create our pricing based off of the job. We incorporate the cost of insurance, fuel, payroll, experience, training & how fast we can complete the job.

We stay current and competitive with our pricing!

What do we charge for stump grinding?

  • We measure the stump as shown in the photo below. (Root flare to root flare)

  • We charge per inch

  • We typically give a price range as the underground root conditions are not shown above

  • We offer to haul away the grindings

  • We call Digger's Hotline to mark the utilities in your yard


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